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Fraser Island is one of the most iconic adventure destinations along the East Coast. With a large range of diverse 4WD Tours, Dingos Fraser Tours will make sure you get the best Fraser Island Adventure. Including beautiful highlights such as Lake Mckenzie's crystal-clear water, relaxing at Eli Creek, exploring Pile Valley ancient rainforest, this will be an experience you will never forget!

Why choose Dingos

 With over 19 years of experience, Dingos Fraser Tours is proud to be the most popular choice in 4WD tag along tours. With a diverse offer of Rainbow Beach Fraser Island Tours, Dingos makes sure you get to see all the special places Fraser Island has to offer. Our staff is always 100% committed to making sure you have the time of your life!

Dingo Tours

With fully flexible Fraser Island Tag Along options and sound knowledge of the island jewels, Dingos Tours has been etched into the memories of many backpackers. The 4WD tag-along tours include fully equipped 4x4’s, a charismatic team, all dinners and lunches and mostly a lot of fun. Tagging along with our 3Day/2Night Dingos tours, an amazing time is guaranteed!

Ready for a mind-blowing experience that you will remember for the rest of your life? Check-out our Fraser Island Tours!


"Our Fraser trip was fantastic, my brother and I had a great time. In particular, what I would like to say is that the key differentiator is the tour guide. Brendo was a top bloke, and really made the trip top knotch. Please thank him again for me, and give that man a beer has it's well earnt!"


"We had so much fun! I had good meetings with other travellers and amazing karaoke time "


"We had a fantastic time on Fraser Island - with special thanks to our guide Warren for making it incredibly fun and enjoyable."


"I went to Fraser Island with Dingos, the hostel is amazing and you get free breakfast!! The staff are super nice and the tour was the best activity I have done on my east coast trip!! They teach you everything you need to know when driving the jeeps (SO FUN!!) and the guides are the funniest! Would always do it again! Thanks guys!! :)"

Jana. M

"Good hostel works great combined with the tour. Baggage storage available. Rooms are clean and every room has its own bathroom. The only downside is the mattresses, which aren't that soft. Mainly a good hostel with a great atmosphere."

Tim. S

"Awesome place to stay and good vibes!"

Kira. G

"Top vehicles, Great service, helped us have the best time on Fraser Island"

Chris. H

"One of my best Australian tours with these guys!"

Luca. F

"Huge place, bars, pools, dinner events, and a great starting point to Fraser Island."

Schubert. A

"Great atmosphere with friendly staff and well-organized events."

Andrew. C

"Lovely experience, 4x4 quite hardcore and comfy, crazy and fun rides. Get to see the highlights and enjoy the camp life. I would definitely recommend it. Take an additional mat and some snacks to the camping though :)"

Cristina. R

"Amazing atmosphere, the hostel was clean, bar activities were so much fun! Try Dingo Bingo!! <3 Would recommend to spend a few nights in Rainbow to explore the Sandunes (amazing for sunset!!), rent a 4wD to visit Double Island Point and chill out in the hostel"

Karen. R

"Amazing experience. The tour guides they have are absolutely hilarious! They really make the difference"

Michael. F

"We had a great time on our 2 day trip. Craig and Ken, our guides, were great. I can’t say enough good things about them.
Thanks again guys! "

Nova. A

"Driving a 4x4 on Fraser Island is a must do if you get a chance - it was a great experience!"

Jody. G

"My Peterpans agent booked me for this trip and it was really great. The camping site itself was okay but the 4wd tour was amazing. Our tour guide had good knowledge of the island and of its lakes and he always had something interesting to say about every stop. Also, you don't have to worry about the food since it's included and the same for the alcohol since you can buy it at the hostel. I recommend doing this tour!"

Oihana. I

Did you know that...

Dingos Circle 1


With an area of over 184000 hectares, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. Offering pristine white beaches, Fraser Island is the perfect location to go on a 4WD adventure!

Dingos Circle 3


Fraser Island has much more to offer than just white sand. A unique feature of Fraser Island is its ability to sustain vegetation in sand. Therefore, you can find majestic rain forests growing on Fraser Island, ready to be explored!

Dingos Circle 2


Fraser Island has a huge population of Dingos. Dingos are a type of wild dogs and are part of the top 10 Australian must-see animals. Strolling over the white beaches, this Australian icon is the inspiration of Dingos Fraser Tours!